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Cyber Insurance

business-cyber-liability-200x300ONE Cyber Claim Can Cost You Your Business…

According to Forbes; in 2013, over 40 million credit and debit card numbers were stolen. What kind of coverage do you have if your business is hacked and your customers’ credit card information is compromised? At LR Windsor we have strategic partnerships with companies that offer premier coverage to protect your business if it’s hacked, or a rogue employee decides to take information in an effort to harm your company.

A very common claim is called “Social Engineering”, an example of this would be someone posing as the company CEO or HR Person and asking for everyone to send copies of their tax return. This can lead to defense and recovery costs of well over $250,000. Our agency takes pride in the partner relationships we have to ensure if this ever happens in your organization you can continue to focus on the growth of your company, and not get bogged down by these incidents that are becoming more common.

By adding Cyber coverage to your current BOP (Business Owners Policy) you can have the proper protection to give you peace of mind. Let us review your current coverage by requesting a quote with our agency and let the specialists in Cyber Insurance make sure you are properly covered.

LR WINDSOR offers free, comparative quotes on Cyber Insurance from multiple insurance carriers so you can get the best possible rate.

Want to see how much we can save you? Just request a quote to find out.